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Project- pa8shaala

Educating slum Children

“Mainstreaming  Education”

The Constitution (Eighty-sixth Amendment) Act, 2002 inserted Article 21-A & Right to Education in the Constitution of India to provide free and compulsory education of all children in the age group of six to fourteen years as a Fundamental Right. The reason being, the fact that India’s literacy rate is still 76% after 70 years of Independence. This is just a literacy rate and not an educated rate, which is even lower than this.

As Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Education is the key to eliminating gender inequality, reducing poverty, to create a sustainable planet, to prevent needless deaths and illness, and to

foster peace. And in a knowledge economy, education is the new currency by which nations maintain economic competitiveness and global prosperity. Education is an investment, and one of the most critical investments we can make. Every human being needs oxygen to survive in the world and education is as important as this because education gives people the knowledge and skills they require. Education is important to people of all ages and it has no limit, but considering children our future of the nation they need it the most.”

Parivartan “The Change” started the Project Pa8shaala with a belief that securing our future generation can lead to securing a family, society and nation at large. In Moradabad, where we started our NGO, we witnessed several issues related to children. We saw children who are more prone to drugs, tobacco, begging and child labor. These children were deprived of their basic right to learn and be educated to lead a life where they are empowered to fulfill their aspirations and dreams. The question that came in front of us was that despite having primary schools, convent schools, private aided schools why these children deprived of the basic right to education and live a dignified life at large? Thereafter, we all decided and pledged to work for these deprived kids who need our utmost care and this gave birth to our Project Pa8shaala. We at Parivartan “The Change” want to see the change for the youth, for the society and for the country. As said by Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

“Project पाठशाला”  

 An initiative to educate slum children

Pa8shaala – an initiative to educate and enroll slum children in school was initiated on 6th May 2017 with just 25 kids at Kapoor Company, Moradabad U.P as the first branch of the project. The first step in getting children from slums enrolled in proper school to get education involved showing and teaching them the benefit and need for education. We at Parivartan teach them in the best possible way to generate interest. We also pay special focus to morals and ethics to make them better people overall. So far we have completed 2 successful branches and are now running another 2 branches at Dehradun, U.K and Wave Greens Moradabad, U.P.


 Action :

Under Pa8shaala we put thrust on the overall development of the child through various activities and tasks to generate the spark and make them a good and responsible citizen. We believe society and nation can only progress if our youth and future generations are well aware of their duties and responsibilities as a sincere citizen of the nation. So not only academic education but also moral, ethics and personality grooming is our focus. A regular syllabus and schedule is our basic methodology to teach them 6 days a week. The activities that are being done in the classes include:-

• Star of the week – For choosing one best kid within a week, in order to incentivize kids.
• Health check-up camp for their well being and health issues.
• Digital Learning with the help of Laptop to show them stories and clips related to morals & science.
• Sports and Dance activities for overall development.
• Creativity and Arts class for creativity enhancement and fun.
• Distribution of study material & other essential things.
• Celebration of cultural events, fests to make them understand about their Nation & its various cultures.
• Farewell to Pa8shaala kids for making them feel a sense of emotional attachment with our team.
• School Visits and educational tours to local places to make them understand how outer world look like.

Steps involved in Pa8shaala:

Survey of the slum area.
    1.Regular classes for students.
   2.Enrollment of students in schools.
   3.Farewell to Pa8shaala kids.
Problems faced during Survey and initial classes:
  The mindset of children and their guardians.
  Counseling them and their guardians

    Counselling Children 

    We could see the spark in the eyes of every kid we interacted with. For us, everyone was a little gem, the future of our country. Our role was to polish them and to change how they look at the world around themselves. The biggest problem we faced was that none of them were keen to learn something new which was not at all their fault. We then started on our journey, and the task was not at all easy. At first, we did not try to educate, we just went to them saying we want them as our friends. We tried to talk to them, to better understand how and what they think of everything and the value of education. As expected we could feel that they were not much interested to learn. But we made a strategy for developing interest and started to incentivise them through announcing “Star of the week” to the best students among them thereby creating a healthy competition among the children.

    “Our aim was to create a seed of education among the children because to make a plant, it takes time. But we proudly say that we have initiated a spark among these children and their guardians. I could feel that inner satisfaction somewhere deep sound my heart.”

    Counselling Guardians

    This was a tough milestone that we had to achieve for the success of our initiative.  We as a team met many guardians and the mentality of most of them was like what’s the use of education and we don’t have enough money. Neither we were educated nor have enough resources to make them educated. But we know the biggest problem was their lack of willingness. We then tried to make them aware of how important education is to groom their children and make them successful. Although around 25% of the guardians were just short of financial resources but not at all short of willingness. So we met people with mixed thought processes. But our motive as a team is to provide them at least basic elementary level education and to make them literate. Now I can proudly say that we achieved our milestone. 20 out of 23 guardians were ready to send their children to us. Bang on!!! We just achieved our first milestone by counseling these guardians properly.

    Pa8shaala Locations


    ⦁ 1st branch at Kapoor Company, Moradabad in May 2017, taught 46 students, enrolled 26 kids in Schools.

    ⦁ 2nd branch started with 41 children Karula double fatak, Moradabad in October 2017 but this branch was closed as they were residing illegally so their shelters were removed by the administration.

    ⦁ 3rd branch at Ram Ganga Vihar Moradabad in November 2017 taught 53 kids, 35 regular children, & enrolled 35 in schools.

    ⦁ 4th branch started at slums under Bindal Bridge, Dehradun UK in April 2018, taught 49 kids, 25 regular & enrolled 25.

    ⦁ 5th branch at Wave Greens, Moradabad in July 2018, taught 25 kids, 16 were regular and have been enrolled in schools.

    ⦁ 6th branch at Kashiram Nagar Pocket C Moradabad in Dec 2018 taught 40 kids, enrolled 27 in schools.

    ⦁ 7th branch at Jwala Nagar Rampur in Feb 2019, taught 29 and enrolled 16 kids in schools.

    ⦁ 8th branch at Dungarpur in Rampur.

    ⦁ 9th Branch of at Pocket B Kashiram Nagar Moradabad started on 12, July 2019.

    ⦁ 10th Branch of Pa8shaala was started at Pocket E Kashiram Nagar Moradabad on 7th, March 2019 but due to the covid Pandemic our regular classes were interrupted and hence, we just visited monthly and provided educational kits to the kids of this pa8shaala and very soon in Sep 2020 these kids will be enrolled in Government Schools of the same location.

    ⦁ 11th branch of Pa8shaala was started at Munnidevi Mandir, Dhampur.

    ⦁ 12th Branch of Pa8shaala was initiated at Maanzhra Mandi, Dehradun on 07th December 2020.

    ⦁ 13th Branch of Pa8shaala was started on 08th February 2020 at Majholi Chauraha, Buddhi

    Vihar, Moradabad.

    ⦁ 14th Branch of Pa8shaala was started at Kashiram Nagar Awas Yojna Pocket-A3 on 28th February 2021.

    ⦁ 15th Branch of Pa8shaala was started at Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi on 4th July 2021.

    ⦁ 16th Branch of Pa8shaala was started near Ananya Regency, Kashipur on 7th August 2021.

    ⦁ 17th Branch of Pa8shaala was started at Kashiram Nagar near Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar University, Lucknow on 10th July 2021.

    ⦁ 18th Branch of Pa8shaala was started at PTC Office, Moradabad (Rented space for the classes) on 8th August 2021.

    ⦁ 19th Branch of Pa8shaala was started at Kashiram Nagar Block F, Moradabad on 7th October 2021.

    ⦁ 20th Branch of Pa8shaala was started at Jwala Nagar Near Kapda Mill, Rampur on 20th August 2021.

    • 21st Branch of Pa8shaala was started at Noida Sector 73,  17 April,2022.
    • 22nd branch of Pa8shaala was started at Das Sarai, Double Phatak, Moradabad on 21st April, 2022
    • 23nd branch of Pa8shaala was started at Gyani wali basti, Linepar, Moradabad.

    Pa8shaalas Completed

    Pa8shaala Kids Enrolled in School

    Kids Taught under Pa8shaala

    Educational Kits Distributed


    When we started our project Pa8shaala, they had no idea, interest and engagement in the education field. They did not know about themselves nor were aware of the basic details about their families and the society they live in. Within a month or two, the ones who were below the line of self-consciousness, today can show respect towards elders, and behave with juniors. They are mannered children who can proudly introduce their parents. Moreover, they now know as to how they can serve their surroundings and nature. The ones who don’t know how to speak, now they are able to write, not only their names but basics of Hindi, English & Mathematics. They can at least check whether they are being cheated by the local shopkeeper or not. This for us is a huge transformation but we all long that we have a long way ahead!

    Instead of having life without colors now they can enjoy the rainbow of life with multi colors and have a standard (learning) form of games to play, through craft activity they can form the base of their dream house not with bricks and cement but with paper and clay (as it is said something is better than nothing). Many of them now want to be a singer or dancer, as they felt it is one by which they can enjoy their lives more freely or can have it in a better way. Now they know, the place where they exist, they know about a planet called Earth, they visualize little stars like them who now are twinkling, they feel proud about their nationality to whom they belong and feel proud to say “Jai Hind” with a roar and thunder.

    When it comes to education, girls lag behind boys significantly. This situation arises due to the patriarchal mindset of a lot of families in India. Girls are often viewed as future housewives and family caretakers. They are often deprived of higher education and in some cases even school education. Being educated gives an equal opportunity to women to be skilled workers who use their learning as a boon that will help better the future of their families and their communities.  But here we are focusing equally on girls and boys irrespective of the gender issues and indeed the focus towards girls are even more as we believe that a girl alone is able to sustain two families through one life both in laws and her own family so making her independent and educated is our foremost duty. It’s quite disheartening to see many children are involved in activities like, child labor, working in shops, living in villas as guards, working as domestic laborers in apartments, homes and even some are addicted to tobacco and begging.

    But we can proudly say at least our Pa8shaala kids are now able to access education through proper schools and bringing the change that they wish to see in the world.

    “About PA8SHAALA”

    Its a Project to educate slum children who are not getting an education or getting education but actually not gaining proper knowledge.

    Our #Pa8shaala will give them knowledge along with humanity & morality. We believe making children a good citizen and a good human being is easy as compared to a man.

    ” If foundation is strong, building will obviously be stronger”…

    Our #Guruji (Teacher) will teach proper 4 subjects(Hindi, Eng, Maths, Sci) along with it Moral science and a day particularly for students’ interest & their creativity like dance, art, singing, speech, writing, games, theatre etc. This will help them understand their interest & life as well.

    Star of thye week

    “Star Of The Week”

    To encourage their Hard work and create a will in other students through gifts and incentives is also a strategy to create more interest in studies and it also develops a competitiveness in our children. For keeping these kids well perform in every field.

    Enrollment of our pa8shaala kids in Schools.

    “Admission of PA8SHAALA Kids”

    All these kids who were the part of Pa8shaala project have been enrolled in the government schools at various locations. So far we have enrolled 234+ kids in the schools.


    Regd. Office: E-95 Aashiyana Phase-1 Moradabad-244001 Uttar Pradesh, India

    Head Office: MIG A-176 Ram Ganga Vihar Phase-1 Moradabad-244001 Uttar Pradesh, India

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