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Parivartan “The Change” believes and swears by the words of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi when he said –
“Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

We are working to strengthen and empower underprivileged children through our Project Pa8shaala which aims to educate
and enroll underprivileged children in government schools.As part of the initiative, every child is treated as a special

with an aim to empower them. These changes are being done with very limited resources by a team of individuals full of
zeal, commitment and dedication. With this project we have a committed goal to see every child getting proper education
instead of working in a shop or domestic place.

The other important aspect Parivartan considers is to “Save Earth” through PUB i.e. Prithvi Ki Umar Badhao Project, in order to make people responsible for their acts towards nature and environment. 


Pa8shaala – an initiative to educate and enroll slum children in school.  

Project Pa8shaala

PUB is an initiative to protect our environment and natural resources by making people aware and sensitive towards environment. We started with raising awareness on air pollution to Traffic Police constables. 

Project Prithvi Ki Umar Badhao (PUB)

Under the theme of empowering women, we have launched various events and activities to make people aware of the depriving condition of women and to empower women of our society. 

Project Panthini

Project PRAYAS is the culmination of our 2 year long efforts that we made in the field of Blood Donations, Eye Donation Awareness, COVID relief and other charitable activities

Project Prayas

DONATE Rs. 3000

DONATE Rs. 3000

DONATE Rs. 10000

DONATE Rs. 10000

DONATE Rs. 100

DONATE Rs. 100

Overall change makers Made

Children Taught Under PA8SHAALA

Quantity of Waste Managed

Educational Kits Distributed

Blood Donation

Pa8shaalas Completed

Overall Newspapers Recycled

BCCT Beneficiaries

Covid Hygiene Kits Distributed

Rashan Kits Distributed

Sanitary Pads Distributed

N95 Masks Distributed



We believes Education is the primary right of every child and to fulfill our goal, our new Initiative #Pa8shaala on Wheels is on board.

~ Regular Classes ( 6 days class in a week)

~ Sunday Funday Classes (Every Sunday)

~ Tuition Classes (Classes after School)

Awareness Programs

We have launched a series of Awareness events related to

~ Waste Management & Composting

~ Swachhta Campaigns for muncipalities

~ Panthini Baithaks on Menstrual Hygiene & Sanitary Pads distribution 

~ Seminars on Good Touch & Bad Touch in Schools  

~ Blood Donation Camps


To work on an issue we just can’t rely on Awareness program of 1 or 2 days so we have campaigns to continuously work on such issues. 

~ Cleanup Ramganga Campaign 

~ GiveUp Plastic Campaign

~ Mission Sehyog (Addition of 1000 Newspaper donors)

Training & Workshops

We organize workshops on issues related to

~ Waste management & Eco-Bricks

~ Horticulture Waste management and Bin Composting

~ Basic Computer Couse training program (BCCT) 

 ~ Internships Programme

How Can You HELP ?

Become A Volunteer

Undertaking various initiatives in the field of education, environment, Women empowerment & Blood Donations. we are constantly on the lookout for passionate individuals driven to make a difference. Your little effort or work can make a big impact on someone’s life.


Become A Donor

If you think we are doing something different from others then do your bit to contribute to help mankind. Donate to our cause as this is for the overall development of the society.


Be A Sehyog Donor

If you want to help us you can donate your old newspapers. Thus you can be a source of funding as we believe that waste for someone can be useful for other person and can be brought into use.


Be A Partner

If you want to be a partner with us in our projects and help us for various social causes you can contact us. Just donate a monthly amount to us for our Projects and you can be our Project Partner.


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