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Be The Change!

Parivartan “The Change” believes and swears by the words of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi when he said –
“Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

We are working to strengthen and empower underprivileged children through our Project Pa8shaala which aims to educate and enroll underprivileged children in government schools. As part of the initiative, every child is treated as a special with an aim to empower them. These changes are being done with very limited resources by a team of individuals full of zeal, commitment and dedication. With this project we have a committed goal to see every child getting proper education instead of working in a shop or domestic place.

The other important aspect Parivartan considers is to “Save Earth” through PUB i.e. Prithvi Ki Umar Badhao Project, in order to make people responsible for their acts towards nature and environment. As part of the Prithvi Ki Umar Badhao (PUB) project we have been focusing on enhancing cleanliness of Rivers (Ganga & Ram Ganga), Waste Management, Composting, Tree Plantation & Adoption , reduce use of plastic in the society with the help of communities and students. We believe “Nature is not a gift from fore fathers rather it’s been borrowed from our future generation” so it’s our collective responsibility to use it wisely.

Besides these two full time projects, we are engaged in generating awareness on issues relevant to women & girls through street plays and awareness camps under Project Panthini. Charity work for the needy is always our priority and for that we launched collection drives of clothes.Different kinds of donation and medical camps are organised time to time on the basis of requirements.

Project PRAYAS is the culmination of our 2 year long efforts that we made in the field of Blood Donations, Eye Donation Awareness, COVID relief and other charitable activities. Parivartan has always been there, whenever someone looked for help or assistance may it be the time, we all fall into this pandemic or people looking for Blood when their loved ones are being hospitalized. Through our project Prayas, we have put down these efforts altogether to be categorised into one banner which is called as project PRAYAS.

Community cooperation and contribution is important for any organization to sustain. Most of the people have this will but they are unsure of where and how they can contribute, this is where SEHYOG comes in picture. Through this people can support us by donating their old newspapers and scrap on monthly basis. We recycle those newspapers to generate funds for implementation of our projects on ground.
With this Commitment, Dedication and Intention, we are working to bring the change to make a better society and world at large.


We believe that the trust is an imp thing whenever you want to bring some chage in the society. We stand by the value of trust that no matter what we will keep up the trus of ur supporters that we will bring the change


Compassion of not only with humans but also with environment that this nature has a life. And so as every species living on this planet. And yes we human have no right to destroy it.


Commitment to leave nothing in between. Whatever it is be it task, campaign and work. If we are doing it then it means we will take it to  the zenith. We will never anything in between the journey.   


Regd. Office: E-95 Aashiyana Phase-1 Moradabad-244001 Uttar Pradesh, India

Head Office: MIG A-176 Ram Ganga Vihar Phase-1 Moradabad-244001 Uttar Pradesh, India

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