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Collection of waste Newspapers


Nation buidling is only possible if we see all sections of society as a whole and work for its development collectively.
Keeping this in mind Parivartan is working for the overall development of the society with community cooperation.
“SEHYOG” is our one such initiative in this direction.
Most of the people have this will but they are unsure of where and how they can contribute, this is where SEHYOG comes in picture. Through this people can support us by donating their old newspapers and scrap on monthly basis.
We recycle those newspapers to generate funds for implementation of our projects on ground. We have a team of volunteers which collects newspapers from different areas every month and also do awareness drives for promoting this idea among common people. In last 5 years we have recycled 57043 kgs of newspapers and developed a community of responsible citizen
who wants to contribute and bring change in the society in one way or the other.
If you also want to be the part of this generous community then fill the form bit.ly/PTCISEHYOG or contact us.































































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