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In 3 days Diwali Fest Mela organised by SS NEWS Channel we got the opportunity of being the Social Partner of event and from there we started our #Toko_campaign for cleanliness and all other things which are wrong and we ignore that to take the stand.So people from various field took part in it and supported it ,from child to parents to social workers to youngsters to senior citizens. they all took a pledge to keep our city clean and stop others who create a mess and spoils the beauty of our city. #Toko_campaign got a huge boost throughout this event. people of different sections of society joined us to promote #Toko_campaign. Thanks to SS NEWS team, Abhishek Geeta Bhardwaj (Associate-Editor SS NEWS),Pulkit sharma(SS NEWS) for Making the Great event.A Special Thanks to SS NEWS Channel for Honouring us over the successfully implementation of the #Toko_campign.