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On this Christmas day, our team wished Thanks to every individual who in many ways help our society or serve our society by his work. We met with Police Men, Traffic Men, Riksha Puller, Auto Man, Hoarders or vegetable sellers, cobbler, watch men and also women from various work field.

We wished them thanks for their duty and service which they offer to our society. They are all humans behind every job so we thanked them and encouraged them for their work by Giving Thank you cards and chocolates , socks and pen etc.

Along with this we met with children who work for their livelihood and compromise with their childhood. we thanked them also and donated some gifts to them.

After all its Christmas and what else would be more amazing and worthy then wishing every individual in this way. The happiness which we saw on their faces can,t be explained.

This was just a unique way of sharing happiness and Make them feel that “you are important and your presence completes our society”. Thank You !!