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On this Ganga Snan (Holy Bath), today our Team tried to make people aware of their responsibilities and duties in making society a better place.

Today our Team engaged with thousands of people of each and every age group. We made them convinced to throw garbage, dust, polythene in the dustbin and took a pledge from them to not destroy our River Ganga with such Polluting activities. The response of the people was great and very much positive. They happily got convinced and accepted their indecency and mistakes which they were doing.

On the part of administration , we managed to provide a Dustbin from authority so that all the garbage can be thrown in it rather than in Ganga.

We would like to thank all the Moradabad Nagar Nigam workers and specially Ward Parshad who have helped in cleaning this Bank of Ramganga.

Also we made people aware and all the followers to keep our city and Ganga clean.

Hopefully will see this Ganga Clean in future too.Hope this event would change the mindset of people who knowingly pollute our rivers and city also. So this day lets pledge to make our Ganga clean and keep it clean.