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Teenage is the age where exactly we don’t know what we are doing. This age is very crucial as far as their future is concerned. They easily get fascinated by things like tobacco, alcohol & other harmful activities. Acc. to data available, out of 10 deaths from tobacco 1 is adult. Per year 10 lacs people die due to tobacco & 6 lac die due to passive smoking.

In our interaction with the teenagers we discussed & shared our thoughts which will help them in shaping their future & life ahead. Through our experience they will learn how to keep away from these activities. Our motive was to aware them about its consequences.

We made a documentary also few days ago on “Smoking & its consequences” you can watch that video on the link below.


In our Moradabad, we went to VMCC Coaching institute & Wizdom Classes & othet classes where we gave our workshop & guided students of class 11th & 12th.

We hope students will learn from our experience & beware from these activities which can destroy their future. In this age the foremost duty of a student should be his or her goals & aspirations. This not only involves the aspirations of the students but also of his family & parents.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.