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Name of Campaign: 700kms Cycle Yatra
Distance Covered: 852+ kms Moradabad to Varanasi
Days of Yatra: 8 days (7th July – 15 July 2018)
Districts covered: Total 9 (Moradabad, Rampur, Bareilly, Shahjahanpur, Sitapur, Lucknow, Rae Bareilly, Allahabad and Finally Varanasi) & touched Pratap Garh, Bhadohi also.
Met District Administrators: more than 25 administrative officers.
People directly involved: 3000+ people whom we met, talked & successfully conveyed the message.
People indirectly involved: more than 20000 people who crossed, have read the message on our cycles. Also along with leading newspapers, channels and social media our awareness count has reached to the maximum people in all the districts. Approx. 1 Lakhs.
Work Field of Audience: DMs, ADMs, City Magistrates, Advocates, Social Activists, Youth Leaders, Government Employees, Businessmen, Shopkeepers, Food Vendors, Hotel owners, Restaurant Owners, Police Persons, Bankers, Junior Engineers, Railways Persons, School kids, College students, Youth & women, daily wage labourers & commuters, ordinary people.

Details of the Cycle Yatra:-

## Flag off Day of 700 kms Cycle Yatra (6th July 2018):



Day1: From Moradabad via Rampur & reached Bareilly

From Moradabad. the day of flag off was 6th July 2018 when DM Moradbad Mr. Rakesh Kumar Singh flagged off the yatra & we started our journey on 7th july 2018 at 6:00 AM with blessings of God at Methodist Church, Gurudwara, Manokamna temple & Jama Masjid with our Mentor Mr. Gurbinder Singh.
The cycle yatra reached bareilly after meeting the DM Rampur Mr. Mahendra Bahadur Singh, ADM E and other employees of Secretariat in Rampur. Along with this we met members of various social organisations like Rampur Nagrik Samaj Mr. Satish Bhatiya & Rashtriye Yuva Kranti Morcha Mr. Bipin kr. Saini etc. In Milak we stopped at a petrol pump and met the owner Mr. Rama Shankar Pandey (Ex. Chairman DCDF) and staff to convey the message of cycle yatra. Finally reached Bareilly at night.


Day2: In Bareilly & reached Shahjahanpur at Night (8th July 2018)

The cycle yatra reached Bareilly & after a night stay at Mr. Pawan Kumar Vyas (Manager SBI Rampur )& Mrs. Sunita Vyas (DCB Bareilly), we adieu the residence and headed for the Camp Office of DM Bareilly Mr. Virendra Kumar Singh in the Morning and met the entire staff of DM office. From there we started our journey of 85kms to Shahjahanpur and reached their at 11:40PM.

Day3: In Shahjhanpur and reached Sitapur at night (9th July 2018)

The morning of yatra started with a long press conference with various press and media persons at District Court & DM Office Shahjahanpur where we conveyed our message to the audience and after a while met City Magistrate Mr. Alok Kumar Yadav & ADM E Mr. Bacchu Singh who supported & praised our committed cause for rivers. After this we headed towards sitapur where we reached at night 12:00 AM.

Day4: In Sitapur and reached Lucknow at Night (10th July 2018)

In Sitapur we reached DM Office and met City Magistrate Mr. Harsh Dev Pandey and their subordinate staff and media persons after that we covered all chawks and shops wherever we stopped to convey our message. During the journey we came across many school kids, College students & general commuters who asked the motive behind the yatra so we conveyed the message to all of them and make them aware of the dire need to be aware of the consequences of the issue. Finally at night we reached at Lucknow where we stayed at OCR Building in the residence of Mr. Jaypal Singh Vyast (MLC).


Day5: Met Dy. CM UP in Lucknow & reached Rae Bareilly at night (11th July 2018)

At morning we started our yatra to the CM UP Residence at 5 – Kalidas Marg Lucknow with the team who came all the way from Moradabad to cheer us and fortunately we succeeded with a meeting with Dy. CM of UP Mr. Keshav Prasad Maurya who blessed and praised our commitment. Later on he posted the picture on his official twitter & Face book account with the team. After this meeting we met various media persons at Lucknow and Mohanlalganj who captured our story and supported the campaign by welcoming us on the way to rae bareilly. At night we reached Rae Bareilly where Mr. Atul Gupta welcomed us at famous Yadav Ji Tea Stall and we stayed at Gurudwara Singh Sahib where entire staff helped and supported the cause of our yatra.

Day6: In Rae bareilly & reached Allahabad at night (12th July 2018)

In morning at Rae Bareilly we met Head of Gurudwara singh sahib Mr. Basant Singh Bagga and his team who took care of our stay quite well. After that we met school kids of Gurudwara school who listened our motive and showed support to our cause. Then we reached at DM Office Rae bareilly where we met DM Rae Bareilly Mr. Sanjay Kumar & ADM E, City Magistrate Mr. Alok Kumar who clicked a picture and conveyed our message with the help of media persons to the entire DM Office and court Rae Bareilly. After a warm meeting with the people out there we started our yatra to the Allahabad & reached after covering the adjoining districts of Pratapgarh at 12:00 AM.


Day7: In Allahabad & reached Gopiganj (Bhadohi) at night (13th July 2018)

In Allahabad it was raining since morning so we got late in the yatra hence reached DM Office after covering various chawks & Roads at 1PM where we waited for 2 hours and conveyed our message to the people available in the DM Office premises then after 3PM we met with DM Allahabad Mr. Suhas L.Y & ADM E, it was a meeting for 20 minutes where we discussed various issues and he heartedly supported our campaign and flagged us off from Allahabad to Varanasi. In the evening because of rainy night we stopped at Gopiganj and stayed at a Dhaba where many commuters got involved in our yatra and we conveyed the message to all of them.

Day8: Finally Reached our Destination Varanasi

After staying at Dhaba of Gopiganj for 5 hours we stared our yatra for the very final destination i.e Varanasi at morning 5:00 AM & reached there at 11:30 where in we stopped at Assi Ghat for a Holy Bath conveyed our mission to the people standing there & from there we started we cycled towards Kashi Vishvanath Temple where also we showcased our yatra and conveyed the whole idea behind this yatra to the audience. Finally at 5:00 PM we reached at Railway Station where we packed our luggage for Moradabad after the entire staff of Railway station Luggage room, Chief Parcel Superintendent Mr. Prem Narayan & other staff.

Day 9 : Finally returned Moradabad at 6:00 AM morning on 15th July 2018 where the team welcomed us at the Railway station.


Some Important Media Clippings from the Yatra:-