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Today we ended our Pa8shaala session of 2nd branch which had been running since 8 November 2017. This is probably the last stage of our project paa8shaala that is to enroll student in school. Today we have enrolled 20 students who were few months back completely unaware of education and its importance, out of 27 students that were regular during our classes 20 have been enrolled today & rest will be tomorrow. We would like to thank the entire staff of basic School Jhajanpur ,who cooperate and supported our project. The infrastructure and building of this government school is not less than a private aided school, Government is trying hard to improve the deteriorating condition of the government schools. We hope these students will learn how to be a successful man and a good human being under the premises of this school. With this we completed this second branch of Pathshala Ram Ganga Vihar and now we are moving ahead to start a new branch in Dehradoon, Uttrakhand and next branch in Moradabad itself. We would like to thank the entire team of Parivartan & all the Guru ji for working really hard to improve the lives of these less privileged with your efforts and consistency we have achieved what we have thought of earlier at the time of initiating.