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Its a Project to educate slum children who are not getting education or getting education but actually not gaining proper knowledge.
Our #Pa8shaala will give them knowledge along with humanity & morality. We believe making children a good citizen and a good human being is easy as compared to a man.
” If foundation is strong, building will obviously be stronger”…
Our #Guruji(Teacher) will teach proper 4 subjects(Hindi, Eng, Maths, Sci) along with it Moral science and a day particularly for students’ interest & their creativity like dance, art, singing, speech, writing, games, theatre etc. This will help them understand their interest & life as well.

Since 6th May 2017 we have been teaching slum children through our project- Pa8shaala. The very first result which we got is, more than 8 students have been enrolled in schools for their education and 5 out of them are girls.

We are trying to give Morals, Creativity, Ethics along with basic academic knowledge they need. We are using creative ways to create interest in education through technology and video lectures. We really believe that, with this project we will be able to create an immense will in our slum children for study and education.
Our team is working with dedication for their upliftment and betterment….
Glimpse of our Project and Various Guruji associated with it.
Kapil Kumar Himanshu Saxena AbHi ChaTurvedi Deepanshu Saini Paras Bhardwaj Er Mayank Joshi Naman Arora Neha Pandey Nancy SharmaSwasti Singh Kirti Raizada Aditya Kumar

To encourage their Hard work and create a will in other students through gifts and incentives is also a strategy to create more interest in studies and it also develops a competitiveness in our children.