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Cute shyness of Gulafsha and Saheen, playfulness of Shanebaaz and Shakeem, Confident answers of Aabedi and Nikhil and the cheerful smiles of nearly 20 children embarked the second session of pa8shaala on 8th of november which is today itself,locating behind BSNL colony,near RSD hospital,Ram Ganga Vihar .Initiating the first day by taking brief introduction of the children and telling them our name we end up getting¬†funny but lovable nicknames from the kids.Asking them about their daily chores we came to know that they are aware of certain habits and rest we have to teach them.After focusing their concentration on us by playing clap and stop we taught them about the name of their country,colours of our national flag and basic good habbits.The session ended with distribution of sweets just to see some twinkle in those beautiful eyes. Very few of them are enrolled in school, actually only two and rest of them just dream of it. So we will try our best to convert their dreams into reality by enrolling them into schools after giving them basic education along with ethical and moral values….
Life is not just about getting education, its about learning Education and accepting Values…..