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Today is world student day (15th oct 2016) and also the birth anniversary of APJ Kalam the Former President of INDIA.img_20161015_124619

When India is going to be an emerging world power ,its crucial to look towards the future of our nation. At this point of time, India has a golden opportunity to utilise its Demographic Dividend(more than 70% population is young). But it definitely requires some objectives to achieve for this purpose. The very essential step is, to give proper attention to our primary education system as children are the future of the nation and our future needs a strong basic education. So for the same matter we tried to look into the conditions in which our primary school children’s study. Despite so many infrastructure bottlenecks , our education system and students are cooperating for achieving 100% literacy. This is praiseworthy.img_20161015_121053

Today we did a short survey of a “PRATHMIK VIDHYALAYA HARTHALA, MORADABAD”. Where we discussed so many factors regarding government schemes and facilities which are provided to fulfill the needs and aspirations of the students. We are overwhelmed to see children studying in proper school uniform, the girls and boys are nearly equal in ratio( infact the girls are more) and the students were happy to study there. Punctuality of classes and mid day meal could be seen there. Also there was Proper availability of toilets separately for boys and girls. We discussed about many bottlenecks with the teachers and happy to know that faculty is well educated and devoted to their work. But certainly, there are infrastructure drawbacks like no electricity, no bulbs, no lights and yes most important is the children don’t have proper furniture to sit and study, even blackboard was in a damaging condition. But obviously it is the responsibility of the administration to provide these facilities and remove these infrastructure bottlenecks.

It is irony that we are teaching some students in the world school with smart classes and others with a damaging blackboard in such primary school. Surely, any kind of competition between students from these schools would be unfair. Obviously a world school’s student would be more talented and his knowledge would be unmatched with other. Surely there are huge differences which can’t be overcome but definitely these can be reduced to some extent. The only thing requires is to get in touch with these schools and regular visits in these schools will definitely change the attitude of administration and Concern authority. Various schemes in this regard is a welcome step::

* Right to Education Act, 2009

* Clean India Mission (sanitation).

* Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan.

* Mid Day Meal scheme    etc….

The pic above is of “LUCKY” a student of class 2 who is suffering from an eye disease from birth. He requires an spectacles so that he would be able to read and write properly. Teachers asked us for help regarding his eye. So, we managed to checked his eyes in the government hospital and its gud that Doctor has assured us for his spectacles. The only thing which we did is that we took our responsibility as a good human being and as a sincere citizen. There are various things which you come to know after doing them. Government is trying to help in every possible way but its we who are not taking our responsibility. So never hesitate to do such surveys and visits, afterall we are the CIVIL SOCIETY and its our duty to work as a bridge between the Society and the Government. Then only we would be able to achieve our targets and objects.

Atlast,  Future is ours so we should make it in a better way. With this, Our greetings to you on WORLD STUDENTS DAY. All the best!!


Children during 


Lucky class 2