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“Healthy mind Nurtures in a healthy body”

In pursuit of giving these under privileged kids basic education along with morality and creative studies, our team is continously working hard. During this journey, some helping hand came forward to help these children. One of those helping hands is DrSandeep Kumar Verma of Pushpanjali Homoeopathy Near Sadhbhavna Nursing Home Aashiyana -1 Moradabad.
We organised a free health camp for these children & their parents, to examine and treat some general diseases like Fever, Fungal Infection, Viral disease, Respiratory disease, Chicken pox, Malaria, Small pox etc. We checked and gave medicine to approx.50 people and treated them with some preventive medicines.
During this camp we found some children who were suffering from various communicable diseases, pox , digestive system problems so we gave some medicines to boost their immune system.
Our focus is to aware the parents about these diseases which affect their kids due to their ignorance. A healthy body dwells in a sound environment , so we gave them some tips to focus on cleanliness and hygienic condition for their child.
It really feels great when we get some helping hands like this who come forward to help and serve the society through any means.
We are highly obliged and thankful to Dr. Sandeep Verma for this great effort and also like to thanks our team mates for this devotion.