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India is full of ideas but lacks execution. As a part of our campaign on Clean India we made some dustbin through recyling of old tin canisters. The purpose of this event was to aware some vendors & fast food shop owners & their customers about cleanliness. This was done to make them aware of their duties & how they can contribute in order to make society better.

We distributed those dustbins to some famous food centres like, Bihari Chat near KCM School, Arjun Fried rice Stadium Road, Sai mandir road, Naveen Nagar Market & Himgiri Colony Moradabad.

We not only distributed dustbins but will be giving some certificate of appreciation from our team, towards their pledge of keeping our city & society clean. These efforts are small but although very important for bringing change in our society.

This Nation & Society is ours and its our responsibility to keep it clean. We are the future of India, we have to take the charge and work for its betterment. We should stop giving advice and start taking the charge for the desired change.

Be the change you wish to see in the world !!