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Today, our team organised a fundraising campaign on Railway Station and Road ways Moradabad where more than 100 of people supported us and donated us for the families of our Martyrs.
We collected a sum of ₹3508/- from Cash Funding.
₹301/- from Paytm.
₹500/- from Surendra Gautam and overall contributed ₹4309/- to the corpus fund of our Bravehearts Martyrs.
Also ₹1000/- we get directly transferred from the hands of Aakash Yadav in www.Bahartkeveer.gov.in
We not only collected but also aware people of the available platforms for the support of Martyrs and their families.
This is not only our responsibility but also yours too that we should stand together with our Nation and Martyrs who lost their life for us.




Donors of Pulwama