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Today we summed up the second branch of Pa8shaala with a farewell party which included a Movie “HICHKI” which is related to education in Wave cinemas followed by a lunch at the end of the movie. We had around 19 student along with us in the cinema hall. It was really awesome to see them fantasicing and wondering how the outer world look. The toilet they used during the movie to the cleanliness and a good living, they were witnessing everything for the first time. We tried to make them feel that this world is as their as for any other kids, there is no discrimination. The smiles down below in the pics reveal the whole story.These kids will be enrolled in the government school in few days. We wish them best of luck for their future studies and upcoming life.
We would really like to thank Wave Mall Moradabad & Mr. Nishant Rana(Manager wave Cinemas) for the support and cooperation they offer to us for the movie, even no prior notification. Also would like to thank Mr.Pankoo Hyanki, Mrs Sunita Vyas, Mrs Shweta and Mr. Hambir Singhsir for supporting us in planning this movie. You people are an inspiration for the society.