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project : prithvi ki umar badhao (PUB)

Conserving Environment

Conserving Environment

After million years of evolution, we got a place to live as our HOME called Planet Earth. Almost all the planets that we have explored and studied so far this is the only one where all living beings can reside together and this is nothing but Nature’s love that she has shown you by making a wonderful planet filled with varied species of flora and fauna along with structures like mountains, deserts, oceans, plains that contributes towards a beautiful planet home called Earth.

Due to technological advancement and fast moving world we have changed our life styles to an extent that now we are ignoring the health of our planet and are facing natural disasters due to climate change due to global warming. International community is trying hard to stop the rising global temperatures. In a study, 2O rise in global temperature can lead to the melting of glaciers, rising of sea level causing devastating condition in our Planet.

Is it not because of our irresponsible behaviour that we have left everything for others and creating a mess on our Planet? What we are waiting for? We have borrowed this planet from our future generation rather than using it as a dynasty.

Considering genuine care and responsibility of our planet Earth we took up our Project PUB – (Prithvi Ki Umar Badhao). For us this is an important cause to protect and preserve our environment and earth to achieve climate goals like INDCs, C0P-21(Paris Summit), and Sustainable Development Goals we have started making community of our city aware of their responsibility which were hitherto ignored

“Prithvi Ki Umar Badhao”(PUB)

#PUB is an initiative to protect our environment and natural resources by making people aware and sensitive towards environment. As part of the initial stage of Parivartan’s existence, we started with our first activity on raising awareness on air pollution to Traffic Police constables on Oct 22, 2016. Since then, we have done a series of activities, launched various campaigns and events under PUB to address the environmental issues.

Moradabad is a town located in between the floodplains of two rivers RamGanga and Gaagan where we have witnessed the deteriorating condition of rivers, dumping of sewage water in it, declining health of city’s atmosphere and improper waste management. These are the prime reasons why Moradabad is one of the most polluted cities of our country. The issue of electronic waste disposal, use of excessive polythene and dumping of waste in open collection centre and having no sewage treatment plants for the city is known to everyone but there is a lack of will to act for the same. But we at Parivartan wanted to change this attitude and start acting for the cause. In the last one year, we have launched/ conducted various events and activities which are indicated below:


#River & Water Conservation.


#Enhancing Cleanliness & Waste Management. 


#Awareness on Environmental Concern.


#Educational Program on Environmental Concern.

River Water Conservation

Considering Ganga and Ramganga are one of the most revered and important rivers in India, we strive for the conservation of river. For this we have not only worked on increasing awareness but also been engaged in adopting an action oriented approach for creating visible changes on ground.

  1. Cleanup Ramganga Campaign (April – July 2018)
  • 10 weeks Cleanup Ramganga Campaign for cleaning of Ramganga River Bank near Mokshdham Ramganga Vihar, Moradabad.
  • 1 week long signature campaign to Support Cleanup Ramganga Campaign resulting in generating 11,000 signatures.
  • 700 kms Cycle Yatra from Moradabad to Varanasi for River Water Conservation and Cleanliness under Cleanup Ramganga Campaign.
  1. Worked for 6 months on Give Up Plastic Campaign with WWF-India from 1-Jul-18 to 31-Dec-18 on Give Up single Use Plastics in Moradabad.
  2. Worked on Jeevan Daayni Ram Ganga with Dainik Jagran Newspaper from 1 Jun 2019 to 15 Jun 2019 a cleanliness and awareness drive for 15 days and later being felicitated with Jal Doot Samman by Shri Bhupendra singh Choudhary (Cabinet Minister U.P Government).

We have also done a series of events on river water conservation and cleanliness.

Enhancing Cleanliness & Waste Management.

One of the dream tasks of our nation is to make people aware about the basic need and approaches to maintain cleanliness. When on October 2 we celebrate Gandhi Jayanti by giving tribute through Swachh Bharat Mission, we opted the campaign to aware people to manage waste and strive for cleanliness.

  • Cleaniness Drive with Northern Railways Moradabad Division at Railway Station.
  • 2 days Plastic free Navratri Mela with WWF & Nagar Nigam at kaalika Mandir ,Lalbagh, Moradabad.
  • Awareness programme for Composting, waste Management and Cleanliness at Public places.
  • Educational programme for Composting, Waste Management and cleanliness seminar in Schools.
  • Residential programme for Composting, Waste Management and Cleanliness to increase awareness of residents of colonies and apartments.

Horticulture Waste Management Plant (HWM)

Waste management is going to be a challenging issue in the coming future. In order to make people aware about the problem of waste and the need for cleanliness, we launched two important campaigns.

The Horticulture Waste Management Plant is setup at Park 1 in Kanshiram Nagar Moradabad. The plant converts dry leaves and horticulture waste into organic manure which can further be utilised in feeding the trees, plants of the same park. Along with this, the same plant will help us in fighting the Pollution which was earlier being created by practising burning of this horticulture waste.
Every month we are trying to prepare and setup as many plants as we can in order to save our mother earth and combat our battle with Climate Change however through small but concrete steps;
  • Composting bin Plant at Railway Loco Pilot & guard Lobby NRMD on 21st Nov 2019.
  • Pit composting at Railway Station premises at NRMD on 19th Sep 2020.
  • Chicken Net Composting Plant setup at Division office NRMD on 19th Sep 2020.
  • Chicken Net Composting Plant at Kashipur Branch of Parivartan “The Change” on 7th July 2020.
  • On 28th Nov 2020, 4th Horticulture Management Plant Setup at Park 1 in Kanshiram Nagar, Moradabad
  • On 30th Nov 2020, 5th Horticulture waste Management Plant setup at Ambedkar Park, Rampur
  • 13th Dec 2020, 6th Horticulture Waste Management Plant Setup at Shivaji park, Dhampur
  • Launched our very first prototype model for pit composting at Hapur Railway Station on 10th March 2021.


Awareness on Environmental Concern

Conserving our natural resources for sustainable development is the need of hour. To realize this mission we are working on –

  • Planting & adopting Trees.
  • Van Mahotsav at Kashipur.
  • Earth Hour Celebration (Moradabad, Kashipur, Dehradun and Rampur) on same day.
  • Beat plastic awareness Rally at Rampur, Moradabad

Educational Programs on Environmental Concern

  • Composting, Waste Management and cleanliness seminar in Schools
  • Awareness during Navratri mela in schools
  • Semiars on GiveUp Single use Plastics


In, issues where emphasis is more on awareness rather than numbers, the counting can’t be measured in exact terms but one can have an idea of level of work with the help of unique and creative activities to cover an issue or environment problems. Total approximate outreach across various events and activities stand at 273020 people.

Total Outreach: More than 2.76 Lac people across the districts – Moradabad, Rampur, Kashipur, Delhi NCR Bareilly, Shahjahanpur, Sitapur, Lucknow, Raebareilly, Allahabad, Varanasi.

Days/ Hours devoted to Environment

Eco Warriors

Horticulture waste management plants

Waste Recycled / Managed



This can be better understood through tracing the work that we have done on ground regarding various environmental concerns. Taking various communities, schools, organizations, areas into consideration we have tried to aware people about environmental concerns and ways how to deal with it. From behavioral change of people to administration we reached every nook and corner of city to aware people about such issues.

  • Give Up Plastic Campaign has changed more than 12000 people’s behavior towards alternatives of single use plastics. We saw a huge decline in the quantity of waste being thrown at the pit near Ram Ganga during Navratri Mela.
  • Jeevan Daayni Ram Ganga campaign has made a huge impact in the lives of people living across the river bank of Kali Mandir laalbagh. The Ghats are now pretty clean after this long 15 days cleanliness drive.
  • With various initiatives on Give Up Plastics, the Nagar Nigam Moradabad has started working towards plastic Free Navratri Mela.
  • Northern Railway Moradabad Division has launched various awareness events at station Premises for passengers, Staff and Workers on Environmental issues especially Give Up Plastic, Waste Management & Cleanliness.



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