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On this festival of Happiness and lights we all enjoy, decorate & lights our home, share sweets and above all happiness. On the other hand we have these families who are deprived of basic necessities, forget about happiness, sweets and decoration they even don’t have their home or shelter. These are “slum dwellers”,the harsh reality of our society. 
The festival is of happiness so we shared happiness with them through distributing these “Khushiyon Ki Potli” filled with Candy,Frooti,Choclate,Natkhat,Sweets & Biscuits. We covered 156 children and shared this small Potli of happiness in order to make them smile. Actually,this alone is not enough but nevertheless we tried to put a ray of happiness in their dark life. Now when we can simply enjoy diwali with our loved ones, you can easily find someone who is still waiting for your kindness, Just step out and look those in need and contribute your little part. It will really bring a smile on their face and surely give you a deep inner satisfaction…Possibly this would be the best way to celebrate Diwali.