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In this festival of Lighting, sweets and houses full of decoration, we can easily find some of our people with nothing like that. They are just like us but the only difference is the financial condition. Every year we see there are children who can not even eat food properly ,how can they celebrate festival? Just because they don’t have money, there is no difference between normal day or a special day.
Every year we find people with so many aspirations and dreams which left un noticed by our society and even by government. They are also child, they also want to enjoy, they also want to celebrate but they can’t do without helping hands. So this diwali our team decided to celebrate it with some poor children who are indeed rich by their hearts. The joy which we see in their eyes and happiness which we shared with them was fabulous and can’t be explained in words. It was just immense. That kind of happiness can be felt by such events. This kind of joy has more deeper meaning.

This is just a small effort in making our diwali wonderful and much better than any other ways. The joy of giving is the biggest joy. Instead of burning more crackers we decided to collect some money and distributed sweets and eat ables which they can’t afford in their daily life. Beacuse of this we were able to donate and share happiness with nearly 100 children today. And the happiness and smile which we saw in their eyes was just unexplainable and can’t be defined. It can only be felt through giving and sharing your happiness. So please think about them and see what you can do for them, how you can bring a small change in their life and also how you can give them happiness which they can’t experience by themselves.