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World health day is celebrated every year 0n 7th april. WHO(world health organisation) had claimed the most challenging problem which nations are facing is Depression along with Respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

you can watch our VIDEO on cycle rally.


In India we have more Cardiovascular and respiratory disease patients. So to aware people about such things, we organised a cycle rally. We urged society to go eco friendly at least for a day in a week. The Air pollution is the most crucial contributor in respiratory diseases so to stop air pollution and control it, we will have to go eco-friendly as much as we can.

we organised rally and covered a distance of 20kms and from Ram ganga vihar to PAC, Pilikothi, Gurhatti, Nagar nigam, Buddh Bazar, Imperial chauk, Railway station, Gurudwara, civil lines Police Station then ended it at Aashiyana Phase -1.

Our community wants to spread a message of making a society which pro environment and working towards conserving our Natural resources.