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Protect India’s Future in the Tough Times

“I was on my way this morning when I saw a girl, of eleven, holding a sack of rag on the footpath waiting for the traffic to stop so that she can reach her destination by crossing the road and earn some money. I felt sad for a moment but then a cloud of thoughts occupied my mind.

‘What she will do of this little money?’

Money or maybe gold for her! Or maybe her only way to make her ends meet.

She would go and hand over the little she earned to the elders of her family so that her siblings and her little stomach can get some food.

It was eight in the morning when my eyes rolled down on seeing the innocent soul.

When will she go to school then?’ I asked myself.

My subconscious mind already knew the answer. Why would she go to school, she is the only bread earner of her family.”

We often co-relate education with poverty. Education fades away poverty in long run is what we believe. But we are yet to realize how the impoverished struggle with a learning process that is unresponsive to their needs.

No one is poor by choice. Especially those small tender minds at least who have painted their dreams with yellow clouds because their lives are full of so much blues that they can’t afford more.

Children belonging to slums want to — but usually fail to — plan for the distant future being unable to reap the fruits of education.

Have you ever met a poor child, both emotionally and financially, with hopeless eyes waiting for someone like you to give just five rupees to fulfil not his luxurious needs but the basic necessity of food? Well, begging is criminalized under the Bombay Prevention of Begging Act, BPBA (1959) and we do not endorse crimes but what we can endorse is all possible ways to save such kids falling prey to these crime proxies. For this, we can’t think of many things better than education.

You know Life under poverty is unpredictable. For the poor, there is no such thing as normalcy and no such thing as a permanent house. Anything can happen anytime, and all you can do is to cope as you suffer. In rural areas, floodwaters can drown hundreds of houses and in Urban, authorities can suddenly clear a street of food vendors or bulldoze an unauthorized colony.

Hands down the nicest trend to have emerged in these tough times, this initiative started by NGOs across the globe to help out the vulnerable and has ignited a spark everywhere. But the truth is People get enlightened by the spark but refuse to step out to help. They still believe that helping the vulnerable is something NGOs work on. They do. But your compassion and support are behind the strong built.

Parivartan “The Change” is tirelessly working to keep children away from this vicious circle of poverty. You can help us too. Donate to PTC now to help children lead a better and improved life.

By providing an emotional standpoint to a concrete solution, a monetary donation is a reward for both the beneficiary as well as the benefactor. Under the Income-tax section 80G donation to an NGO will be deducted from the gross total income. One can easily save income tax by donating for a worthy cause. It will be a million-dollar deal if your donation is giving hope and a better life to someone. Donate to PTC, a non-profit organization that has been working to bring children into the mainstream education system by providing them basic education under the project paa8shaala. Under paa8shaala we have educated more than more than 500 students and counting.

 by  Shefali Gill    

 Our Coordinator