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Today on 22nd october 2016 , parivartan:the change team has organised an event for the awareness about Air Pollution and its harmful effects. The team distributed masks to save our traffic and police constables from increasing Air pollution. Pollution is a big menace against our clean and green environment and it should be ended soon.

Traffic constables and policemen work for 12 hours standing in the polluted chawks without any precaution. Prevention of pollution is very important and its harm should be reduced as much as possible. This event is an effort to save our dedicated constables and policemen who serve the society for their entire life.

Event was organised at various places in Moradabad City:

* PAC chawk

*Pilikothi Chawk

*Lasa Mart KCM chawk

*Fuwara Chawk

*Near Moradabad Railway Station

This event was done to aware and motivate other for the welfare of society. Through this the team gave a message to the city and its people to fight with pollution and accept green and clean environment as much as u can.