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We cleaned our city as its our responsibility but yours too. Its sad to notice our city filled with littering everywhere that’s the reason we organised this Cleanliness drive. We launched it from Prem Sweets(9:30 AM) to Fubbara Chawk (2:30PM) & from Moradabad Club (at 09:30 AM) and summed up at PAC(near waste collection centre at 02:30 PM) for 5 hrs daily & surprisingly we collected almost 500 kgs of waste filled in 15 rags including 200 kgs of organic waste which we later on used for making compost. And on other day also, with a team of 40 volunteers collected more than 700 kgs of waste filled in 20 Rags including 6 rags filled with Organic waste.The tribute to Gandhiji in true words, is to abide his preachings and follow his ideology of truth, peace and non-violence.
The 3 Days Cleanliness Drive was ended on 3rd day with spreading Awareness among the Natives of Moradabad via Awareness Stall,at Prakash Nagar(from 10:00AM),Railway Station(from 12:00 PM) and Ekta Dwar(from 02:00).Through this we promoted the idea of Waste Segregation, Waste Management and Composting and turning the so called waste into a much beneficial form Compost(Manure). We interacted with more than 500 people throughout the event.

Bapu ka Kehnaa tha “Swachhta hi Seva hai”…Shuru hamney kiya hai, Khatm aap kr do…